Maureen exudes professionalism and deep understanding of reading fundamentals.  She is always kind, thoughtful and objective while providing rigorous instruction and feedback to children as well as adults.

M. Ward – 2nd Grade Teacher

I had the pleasure of working alongside Maureen Grier as a classroom teacher.  Maureen worked as our reading interventionist, and also served as a teacher mentor.  In addition to co-teaching and helping with classroom lessons, Maureen also taught small group reading instruction.  She always had a pleasant, calming demeanor and the students love to work with her.  Thanks to Maureen’s help, my students’ achievement levels as well as motivation, significantly increased.

Not only does Maureen bring with her a wide knowledge base of reading intervention skills, she has also worked as a mentor for beginning teachers.  Although Maureen was not my assigned mentor I often found myself asking her advice on tough situations.  She can be counted on to provide advice that is based in experience, but she also understands that each situation is unique and needs to be treated as such.

On many occasions, Maureen participated in my parent-teacher conferences and provided her invaluable perspective on a specific student’s growth, needs and suggestions for improvement.

E. Kenner –  2nd Grade Teacher

I was initially impressed with Maureen Grier’s variety of methods in teaching English as a Second Language and rapport with students when I first observed her teaching skills.  She was always prepared with detailed lesson plans and materials in hand.  The students were actively involved in listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities throughout every lesson.

Maureen is dedicated, cooperative and easy going.  We shared a classroom for eight years, so we were continually sharing ideas and learning from each other.  I especially enjoyed learning new techniques for teaching reading from her while she taught reading intervention classes.  Maureen comes with wisdom, experience and an ability to push students to their highest potential.

A. Gilliam – Academic Language Coach

I have worked with Maureen Grier for several years.  Maureen’s ability to differentiate instruction to help all students achieve success is one of her greatest attributes.  Her flexibility, knowledge of best practices in reading and strong rapport with students make her an exceptional teacher.

T. Rieder – 2nd Grade Teacher

Maureen Grier and I have been colleagues for over 10 years.  She possesses the knowledge, skills and talent to motivate and facilitate growth in any child.  Her experience in reading intervention allows her to identify problem areas of a student, and use the information to improve achievement.  Her kind, gentle presence helps form a bond with students, encouraging them to feel supported and more confident.  Maureen has a positive attitude and is an exceptional educator.

B. Sheppard – Instructional Resource Teacher (IRT)



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  1. K Wells Reply

    Ms. Grier was my daughter’s kindergarten ELA teacher and she was fantastic! She recognized that although my daughter was very shy, she had a love of learning. The tools Ms. Grier used, including the “whisper phone “ were very instrumental in helping my daughter’s reading excel to a level well above her grade. Ms. Grier’s commitment, patience and dedication to her students and their success is commendable. We were very fortunate to have had her as a teacher.

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