Volunteers – A Place at the Table

Food for thought…..If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and eat with him….The people who give you their food, give you their heart. (Cesar Chavez)


Quinoa with roasted vegetables and mixed greens served at A Place at the Table
Quinoa with roasted vegetables and mixed greens served at A Place at the Table. Delicious!

This weekend I had lunch at an innovative restaurant in downtown Raleigh called A Place at the Table. There are many factors that make this restaurant stand out. I wouldn’t know where to begin so here’s my list!  Let’s start with the locally sourced, delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, fresh flowers on every table, excellent customer service and support it gives to the community as a whole. The list goes on and on.  A Place at the Table is unique in several ways. It is a non-profit that is based on helping others by being inclusive. Everyone is welcome. When you purchase your meal you pay-what-you-can. You may also buy a token to pay for someone else’s meal, make a donation, or both. After pondering what I should order I decided on the quinoa with roasted vegetables and mixed greens with a turkey, bacon and avocado club. I savored every bite! Thanks Aaron! What stood out for me most though were the volunteers. They were all excited to serve in any way they could. Everyone was greeted warmly upon entering, and there were many volunteers assisting people and making customers feel right at home. Thank you to all the volunteers who take the time to give back to the Raleigh community. You will never truly know the difference you make by giving the gift of time. I hope you realize how much you are appreciated, and the positive impact you are making in the lives of others and our community. If you’re looking for a way to help our local community grab a bite to eat at A Place at The Table.

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