Make your dreams come true! Raleigh leaders that go the extra mile.
Read about Raleigh leaders that go the extra mile to serve others.

Great leaders inspire those around them. What makes a great leader?  While there is no magic bullet, there are three often overlooked factors. Read about Raleigh leaders in our community, who make a difference. If you know someone who makes our world a better place and inspires others, please write and let me know.

  • Great leaders make others happy! While this seems unimportant, did you know that happiness can boost motivation by ten percent!  A happy student, employee, friend etc. is more productive in any group they are a part of. As we all know emotions are contagious, and that is especially true of happiness! 
  • It’s long been assumed leaders in a group do the majority of talking. However, studies indicate just the opposite is true.  In the most productive groups everyone participates and shares their ideas and viewpoints. Respect for ALL team members is the unspoken, and underlying factor that creates this dynamic.  This type of flexible communication rarely occurs in “structured” group meetings, but is commonplace in very informal settings. In other words, the informal mode of communication, that is typically used when we are talking with friends produces a higher level of productivity when used within the school or business environment. What we would consider an “unconventional” way of conducting meetings and leading a team, actually contributed to more successful outcomes. While objectives were used to drive the meeting, there was an easy give and take about how to best achieve the objectives. Everyone felt heard and valued for their opinions and expertise that was brought to the table.
  • Great leaders are genuine, innovative and inspirational. They are often unrecognized because they are motivated by creating new ways of doing things and helping others.  I am ending this post, the same way I began it…..with a request.  Please let me know about some of the great leaders you have had the privilege of working for or with. I would like to recognize the people who work behind the scenes and who are in many ways the true leaders of our community.