Full disclosure is required before I delve into the benefits of yoga. Frankly up until a few years ago a yoga class is about the last place you would have found me. My attitude was, “What’s the point?” Among other things, I considered it a total waste of time. I could be doing some “real” exercise like, Zumba, spin class or hiking. It wasn’t an epiphany of sorts, but rather a gradual awareness over a long period of time. It didn’t help matters that I had gone to a few classes where everyone seemed to be able to wrap themselves into the shape of a pretzel except for myself. O.K maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture.

There are many types of yoga, as you are probably aware, and my attitude started to change when I took classes with instructors who focused (from my perspective) equally on the body mind connection. I’m currently participating in a yoga class at Fitness Connection in Raleigh. I can unequivocally recommend this class. Why? Perhaps most importantly, this class is tailored for all levels. You can easily differentiate based on your particular needs and level of flexibility. Secondly, there are a myriad of benefits associated with yoga. Several of the most recognized benefits have a strong body mind connection.


  • Reduces Pain

    Enjoy the day!
    Enjoy the day!
  • Increases Flexibility
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Increases Circulation
  • Boosts your Immunity
  • Increases your HAPPINESS

In fact one study found that a consistent yoga practice improved depression and led to a significant increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the levels of monoamine oxidase (an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters) and cortisol. The more people practiced yoga the greater the results. Like any exercise, the more consistently we commit ourselves to something the more dramatic the change.

Yoga is gentle, but strong. With regular practice the results can be profound.

There are many classes available. Find one that works for YOU. Listed below are a few links for you to explore if you would like to learn more.

I did the one thing I hated most and it changed my life!



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