you know that a strong body mind connection can have a profound effect on your child’s educational performance?  Mind therapies play a role in helping to develop this connection. What do you think of when you hear the phrase, mind therapies?  Simply put, mind therapy is any technique that helps you relax, focus and reduce stress. Ordinary activities, such as running on the playground, walking in the park and listening to music are considered mind therapies for these very reasons. Put another way, the goal is to “train” our mind to focus without any distractions.  When we are in this emotional frame of mind our body “changes” too. This in turn improves our overall health both physically and mentally.  Last, but not least we can use these techniques to optimize our performance in any environment, particularly the education of our children.

Eastern and Western medicine both have the same goal, but a different perspective regarding HOW TO to achieve that goal.  Most ancient healing practices associated with Eastern philosophy focus on connections between our body and mind.  Acupuncture, Tai Chi, medicinal herbs and yoga are all treatment methods that have been used for centuries by Eastern physicians. These treatments while becoming more mainstream in Western culture are still not as accepted by many individuals who have grown up with a Western mindset.

Oftentimes, individuals explore Eastern medicine as a last resort, when all other options have been considered. SUCH WAS MY SITUATION many years ago when I broke my ankle.

While Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) focuses mostly on an “internal locus of control” Western medicine emphasizes an external locus of control. In other words, “What do we know?”  “What can we quantify?”  “What do we see?”

TRADITIONAL WESTERN METHODS LOOK OUTWARD by asking “What do I need?”  “I’m sick and what prescription or treatment do I need to get better?”


In the 1960’s and 1970’s, a physician named Herbert Benson, discovered how meditation positively impacted blood pressure and the term “relaxation response” was coined.

Many people, including myself, have turned to healing practices, such as hypnosis, acupuncture and meditation AS A LAST RESORT to improve their health.  Many hospitals and medical schools, such as Duke and Harvard now include mind body therapies as part of the curriculum based on the overwhelming success of these non traditional modalities when treating patients.

I believe a COMBINATION of both EASTERN AND WESTERN medicine can help us DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE the overall health of our body and mind.  I hope you keep an open mind, (pun intended!) as you read about the different modalities that may encourage you to take the road less travelled. Namaste!