Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC)

Educational non-profits are an important part of our communities and contribute to the academic success

Keri Bartholemew is an Education Consultant with Center for the Collaborative Classroom.

of students in a variety of ways. Professional development in any profession is necessary for growth and achievement. Sometimes, through a workshop, seminar or conference unexpected opportunities arise. Such was the case when I met Keri Bartholemew at the North Carolina State Reading Conference last year. She presented an exceptional seminar on best practices for teaching. Ms. Bartholemew is affiliated with Center for the Collaborative Classroom (CCC) and this non-profit educates students and teachers on a variety of topics to increase academic achievement in all areas. Due to her powerful presentation, the Raleigh-Wake Reading Council has invited Ms. Bartholemew to present a workshop on TEACHING THE WHOLE CHILD. This workshop focuses on the important roles of a growth mindset and social-emotional learning (SEL) as essential parts of our core instruction.   She will be presenting a half-day workshop, April 13th on how to inspire, engage and motivate students. Come join us and learn how to (1) incorporate teaching practices that promote (1) Social-Emotional Learning (2) Creates a Growth Mindset and (3) Increases Academic Achievement.  Contact Maureen Grier at or Jean House at Space is limited, and is on a first come, first serve basis. We hope to see you there!


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